Exhibition Contemporary Weaving Artist Series III Mitsuko Asakura

         TANABE CITY MUSEUM of ART     July 21,2018 - September 17,2018


"Tapestry wo Miru -History and Future of Tapestry-"  
Published in 2004 by Toho Shyuppan (in Japanese)
Available at Amazon.co.jp

Listening to the thread

"Listening to the thread -the tapestry of ASAKURA Mitsuko-" Published in 1994 by Futaba Syobou, Kyoto
Available at Amazon.co.jp

"Modern Tapestry" Published by Futaba Syobou

Tapestry in Architecture

"Tapestry in Architecture: Creating Human Spaces, ASAKURA Mitsuko" Japan Society, New York, 2008.

ISBN 9781606434819 In English. Paperbound
Available at Kinokuniya Bookstore, New York
amazon.com or amazon.com
Copyright (C) ASAKURA Mitsuko All Rights Reserved.